When I was young, my granpa used to bring us to Torre Faro with his camper-van, to spend a few days there on this beach. I was too young to appreciate this wonderful place. But my trip to Sicily last May triggered feelings hidden deep in my memories.

One day in New Delhi

A few years ago, I got asked to travel to New Delhi for a business trip. Of course, I said yes.
While there, I wanted to go and visit the Old Delhi, hang around on my own along the most “real” streets of the city, where local people do their business, to see how the life there looks like. I could not do better.

Drawing inspiration

As a landscape photographer, I love to travel the world searching for the most incredible places, getting there at the right time of the day, hoping that the sky will make its part. The technical background helps in the realisation of the photo.
But there’s another aspect behind this all…