Drawing inspiration

As a landscape photographer, I love to travel the world searching for the most incredible places, getting there at the right time of the day, hoping that the sky will make its part. The technical background helps in the realisation of the photo. Correct exposure, involving the right selection of ISO, aperture, and exposure time. Some basic rules of composition often helps, either when you decide to follow them, or to deliberately break them. Preparation is also important. Knowing when the sun will rise and set, understanding how the light will behave, and imagining the image even before it’s there. After the photo is taken, comes the post-processing. The correct software, the right tweaking, knowing when a little becomes too much.

But there’s another aspect behind this all… I believe it’s something common to many photographers, and it can be more or less of a conscious feeling. It’s about finding inspiration.

During my trip in New Zealand, I was travelling on my own around the country. I rented a car, moved from location to location, I stayed with other backpackers in very good and very bad hostels. I met so many people along the way, and some of them will always remain in my heart.

Along the way, though, I was lucky enough to get the most of the inspiration by a special person. Someone who virtually followed me all the way from north to south, day after day. A person with whom I was sharing my feelings, my emotions, and to whom I secretly dedicated each of the photos I took.

It was not the first time, and I bet it won’t be the last, that I find inspiration for my photos from someone I really care for. After all, photography for me is a passion, it’s something that I immensely love, first of all. And as most of the things we love, we want to share them with someone special.

That someone special changed as years went by, for me. Other people are more lucky and even get to travel with that special someone, maybe for the rest of their life. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter: I’m grateful to the special person that was “with me” during the 3 weeks I spent in New Zealand, and to any other special one who accompanied me during any of my previous adventure, and I’m grateful to whoever will accompany me during any of my future ones.

Goodbye Auckland

On my last night in New Zealand, I couldn’t receive a better goodbye by the wonderful city of Auckland; this time, the clouds on the horizon made it for the perfect sunset. The lights of the city seems to melt with the orange horizon, while the first hints of the blue hour paint the sea of a deep blue.

This photo is specially dedicated to the person who accompanied me during my Kiwi adventure, but also to all the other muses who helped me in the past, and will help me in the future, capturing wonderful moments around the world.

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