When I was young, my granpa used to bring us to Torre Faro with his camper-van, to spend a few days there on this beach, the extreme North-East point of Sicily, right in front of the coast of Calabria and the Italian peninsula.

He was born not far from there, and he was particularly attached to this place, so he was often willing to be back here.

I was a child, and at the time I remember I was missing the nice sandy beach and the friends I had in Tonnarella, the place where we have a house; during the days, there was not so much to do, and I felt the urgency to play with my buddies, but I had none here. I could not completely understand why we wanted to stay here. The innocence of a child.

But there is one thing I remember: when the sun was setting down, I always found myself sitting on my grandfather’s legs. And that’s where the magic began: while the sunset turned the place into paradise, he was telling me stories of his life, of the sea, of the world.


The sunset on the beach at Torre Faro brought back wonderful memories of my childhood, and provided a terrific scene to photograph.

I was too young to appreciate a long day only for one magic hour. I could not understand.

This May, though, I decided to travel to Sicily for one week, and I dedicated to transform this week to a journey in space, but overall in time. I decided to visit all those places of my childhood, that I had lost or hidden deep inside my memories. And I kept this place for last.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of being there again, for the first time, after more than 20 years. And no other place like this one has been able to trigger that “something” deep in my soul, which managed to draw sighs from my mouths, and tears from my eyes.

All of a sudden, I became conscious of the reason why we were going there, and I got in a deeper touch with my grandpa: a wonderful person for me at the time, that I loved with all my heart, but with whom I started feeling, from that very moment on, linked by a bound that time will never break.

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